september is really a big month for us, specially this year. as another page is turned, we are also stepping into a better us. we have always been in love with weddings and real life romances. when love is spoken through action, nothing best describes it than a wedding. how the bride carefully weave through all the stresses, sleepless nights and pressures while elegantly walking down that aisle, catching that first glimpse–that first joyful tear. and that is why as we verge on this pretty new and exciting thing, we decided to fill our bags more with amazing and giggly stuff!

and just in time the FIRE was lit.

jeff & lisa are not just only husband and wife photographers and artists but really amazing people. amidst being self-professed introverts (which really doesn’t show, well at least within that 2 days), they led a small group of aspiring photographers and artists to ignite a fire. a fire that will perhaps consume a noticeable portion in the wedding photography landscape. we learned so much from this two day affair, and capping it off was the ever brilliant (who is still holding the brightest torch) jason magbanua who took us in deeper understanding on how to have our brand voice in the industry. highlight of the event was the photo-shoot of a real-life couple, chips and fozzy in an ever fab veluz gown, sugarfree shoes c/o lifestyle by feliz. also wearing the gorgeous look of chichi sotomil and carrying that fantastic vatel manila bouquet. and hey what more can we say, all these on the glorious backdrop of the peninsula manila. so without further ado…

Chichi Sotomil - You took beautiful photos! Thank you for linking to my blog. More power! :D

nez - thanks chichi. we like your works and you have a super cute baby! :)

Nio Manzano - Oh my goodness!!! These photos are lovely!!! Totally bookmarking this!!! :)

You guys look lovely together in these photos. :)

Lisa - These are beautiful and dreamy! Thank you for spending the weekend with us and for your kind words, Nez. We really are introverts, funnily enough. I’m happy and grateful we managed to pull it off. Haha. I guess that’s something we’ve also grown into over the years. It’s been amazing being able to share our story with you guys. We’re looking forward to watching yours unfold. :)

nez - thanks nio for dropping by and bookmarking us! indeed they are a lovely couple! :)

nez - it’s an honor to receive compliments from fellow photographers like you lisa, specially with a standard to the art-form of wedding photography. thanks much for guiding us and as a new adage goes… ” let’s start the FIRE!” :D

abbyangeles - my heaaaaart!! these are all my dream photos! so classy and timeless.. one of my photo pegs for my wedding! <3

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