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It’s my birthday today! I thank God for a wonderful blessing I just received – Restoration of my clear vision! God led me to undergo a laser eye surgery called SMILE or SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction in St. Lukes Global last week. The leading started when we went to Davao tribes for a mission trip last march. I really found it hard to wear contact lenses and glasses in the mountains (think about no electricity, no water, no signal). I wore glasses for 20 years and contact lenses for 18 years already. When we attended the National Prayer Gathering last holy week with thousands of people gathered to pray and intercede for the nation, my eyes got irritated every time I wear my contact lenses even with the new ones. I came to the point that I can’t stand to put them. Wearing glasses was also tiresome for me due to the fact that the lenses itself pack up weight even if it was the thinnest possible at my grade, which is +600 nearsighted.


Having an eye surgery is a major decision for me. When I was praying on God’s leading about whether I should go with the procedure, He reminded me the prayer I had when I was a young girl with blurring vision. I was on our balcony watching other kids playing but I cannot see them clearly. I felt sad; I closed my eyes and cried to God to give me perfect eyesight. I really prayed that with all my heart expecting to have 20/20 vision as soon as I open my eyes. I think I have forgotten that prayer, but the Lord has not. Truly, God has a perfect timing and purpose for everything.


Right now, God restored back my eyesight to perfect 20/20, He also made it recover faster than expected. How He provided for the bill is another blessing from Him. These experiences lead me to seek the Lord deeper and hear His voice clearly. I asked Him the purpose of all these and why I needed to wait for 20 years. He whispered with that still small voice – “So I can bring you to another level of faith and relationship with Me”. It’s priceless!  I’m so thankful to God for restoring my vision, but most importantly on how He prepared me for this journey. This year is truly a year of escalation and acceleration! The Lord is calling to remembrance those we have prayed even in the past seasons. He loves us so much more than we can ever think of. He hears our prayers so that we could be a blessing to others, to encourage them, to strengthen them and to edify them and to make them feel the undying and perfect love of the Father.  We may have those prayers we are asking the Lord for the longest time, press on, do not lose hope. Fix your eyes on Jesus.


This picture was taken the day I removed the goggles (eye protector).  We’re at Discovery Country Suites film showing event. The first movie I watched with my new eyes – A walk to Remember. (seems like a reminder -God has not forgotten)

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