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It started with my life-long love for art and design.
As an Architect, I’m exposed with visual languages and graphical communication, sometimes I also paint, and taking photographs always enthralls me. During my short architectural stint overseas sometime in 2006, it gave me the opportunity to explore more about photography especially portraiture. I’m always fascinated in human expressions in its purest form, which can be said true in weddings.


I capture images that express a fine art feel and lifestyle tone. While it may be distinct from photojournalism, I adeptly infuse the story as it unfolds thus bringing beauty and sweetness into every image. With my wife Den, who is also an associate, we share stories, laughter and being in love to those newly engaged, long time married or just those simply in love with life.  In all of these, we give all the glory to God as He gives us the opportunity to not only witness but also to be part of the beauty, glory and wonder of God’s creation in each couple’s lives.